National Hospitality Day is a nationwide celebration of your brilliant and resilient restaurants, hotels, pubs and bars, and the suppliers that support you.

On one amazing day in September, we’re going to spark the mother of all parties – and all to help businesses that have been thrown to their knees by Covid-19.

We’re asking the nation to go out to help out.


Lockdown has taught us just how much richer our lives are for having hospitality in them. Until last March, we took our favourite destinations for granted. Then, when they were put off-limits, we realised how badly we missed the venues at the heart of our communities.

Now, your restaurants, hotels and pubs are back – but you need the nation’s support if you are to survive, thrive and continue to provide the experiences that make life worth living.

National Hospitality Day is a chance for the nation to say “welcome back – we’ve missed you” by voting with its feet. It’ll be a celebration of all that’s great about UK hospitality; a collective shout-out for the places we’ve all missed; and a financial shot in the arm for a sector that’s been hit hardest by Covid.

We’re challenging restaurants, hotels, pubs and foodservice providers up and down the land to pull out all the stops to put on a damned good show, this September, and give the nation a reason to fill your tills and help your get back on your feet – and have some fun while they do so.

All we ask, is that participating venues build a charitable element into their activities, so that guests will be helping four key hospitality industry charities while they’re enjoying themselves.


We play out our biggest life events in hospitality businesses, from first dates to wedding celebrations, and from baby showers to toasting the departed. They’re where the moments that make life worth living take place: the morning chat with your friendly barista, the pint after work with pals, a soak in a warm pool, Sunday roast with the family, a comfortable bed after a long journey …

The pandemic hit the hospitality industry and the suppliers that support it like a hammer blow. Restaurants, pubs, bars, hotels and venues have all grappled with an existential threat, this past year, as have the farmers, brewers, manufacturers and distributors that supply them them.

Businesses, livelihoods and lives have been lost. Despite this, operators and their suppliers have demonstrated huge resilience, and a boundless generosity of spirit. They’ve worked tirelessly to fuel the workers in the frontline of the fight against Covid. They’ve kept hospital patients, care home residents and schoolchildren fed. And they’ve supported families in acute financial need withy free meals.

Hospitality can be a challenging industry in which to work. Many factors - long hours, low pay, the adrenaline of service – can conspire to raise stress levels. And hospitality workers are of course prone to all the challenges – physical, mental, financial – that affect the human condition.